1mg Hair Loss Treatment Tablets

You can request to buy 1mg Hair Loss Treatment Tablets from our UK registered online doctor service. This treatment is for male pattern baldness. This can be prescribed after completing a short online assessment.

How it works

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride (finasteride) is a prescription-only hair loss treatment. It’s not available on the NHS so you need a private prescription

How it works

Finasteride blocks the action of 5α-reductase, a hormone that affects hair growth in me

How Effective Is Finasteride

9 out of 10 men notice an improvement in their hair loss and the most men stop losing their hair, and some will also see regrowth of hair. Studies were made in men aged 18-41 with mild to moderate hair loss. On stopping Finasteride, hair loss will usually resume after six to twelve months.

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